Jed Ochmanek

Young Art is pleased to present Daylight Paintings, an exhibit of new work by Jed Ochmanek. The show consists of two 4x6' paintings and their light source.  Both paintings are composed of black acrylic on canvas and are veiled with a single layer of window-screen sprayed with white acrylic. In some areas, Ochmanek has stripped the matte black paint to reveal fragments of white primer underneath, creating passages of rough gradation behind the screen.  This flicker of information registers Ochmanek’s engagement with and resistance to photomechanical means of reproduction.           

Ochmanek has replaced the gallery's normal light source with "Daylight" florescent utility lamps.  The scale and optical effect of the paintings maximize the experience of the particularities of fluorescent light.  By highlighting the paintings’ roles as passive sensitizing agents within a fixed environment, Ochmanek seeks to situate the viewer in a particular perceptual and bodily self-awareness.  In this sense, Ochmanek begins to explore the window screen as analogous to the limits of the human perceptual mechanism and the confines of personal subjectivity.  

Jed Ochmanek received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design.  He currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Daylight Paintings will be Jed Ochmanek's first solo exhibition with Young Art.  

The opening reception will be held Saturday, September 19 from 7-10pm. Young Art is currently having shows at OLÍMPIA, a collective space located in the Women's Building, 1727 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles CA 90012.